2019 Lotusland Gala | Camilla Belle Wears NIWAKA Jewelry

August 03, 2019

Camilla Belle wearing NIWAKA fine jewelry
Photo by Stefanie Keenan
Actress and Filmmaker Camilla Belle Graced the 2019 Lotusland Gala Wearing NIWAKA Fine Jewelry. Belle looked stunning in HANAYUKI white gold and diamond studs, HANAYUKI white gold and diamond cocktail watch and HANAYUKI white gold and diamond ring.
HANAYUKI Studs 18k White Gold, Diamond

HANAYUKI Cocktail Watch
HANAYUKI Cocktail Watch 18k White Gold, Diamond

HANAYUKI Ring 18k White Gold, Diamond
NIWAKA, one of the leading jewelers from Japan, originated in Kyoto, the heart of time-honored traditional culture and art. NIWAKA creates fine jewelry with a unique worldview deeply rooted in Japanese aesthetics and inspired by Kyoto's 1,200 years of history, and has become a mainstay on the Hollywood red carpet.
NIWAKA Fine Jewelry

Founded in Kyoto, Japan, NIWAKA is renowned for the fine craftsmanship and delicate design of its fine jewelry, inspired by the best of Japanese art and tradition. Made by the hands of master jewelers using on top-grade gems and precious materials, each piece becomes a unique creation with unparalleled brilliance, beautiful from every angle. Worn at the Academy Awards and other major red carpets, NIWAKA jewelry is highly recognized worldwide. Currently, the brand has its flagship store in Kyoto, 16 directly operated stores in locations such as Ginza, Shinjuku and Minami Aoyama, and 49 other retail sales outlets in Japan.

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