September 18, 2015

Doctor Who TARDIS inside

This post is bigger on the inside. Check it out!

If you know me, then you know that I am a Whovian - Doctor Who fan! I can hardly wait for the new series of Doctor Who that will begin airing in the U.S. tomorrow. This year is a little bitter sweet for me as it is the first time that I won't be able to watch each episode as it airs, because I don't have a subscription to BBC America. Luckily, I will be able to see the premiere episode of series 9 when it airs tomorrow. Thank you Hilton for making my weekend!

I'm in Chicago this weekend to attend Social Boom 2015 - Social Selling Made Simple. I'm hoping to learn lots of golden nuggets that will help me grow my brand and business. I'll tell you more about it in another post, I don't want to get too far off topic.

Although I am out of town and attending a conference, I am preparing to watch the Doctor Who premiere. I am SUPER EXCITED!

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman
© BBC/BBC Worldwide 2015

Here's how I prepare for a new series of Doctor Who:

1. Binge watch the prior series! At the time this post was originally published it Series 8. 

You can catch episodes from series 8 along with 50th  Anniversary specials like Day of The Doctor on BBC America, today and tomorrow. Don't have BBC America but want to join in the timey-wimey masterpiece that is the Doctor? Tune in to, where you can watch full episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 before Saturday's premiere of Series 9.

2. Watch your favorite episodes from earlier Doctor Who series. You'll find are a few of mine listed below.

The Christmas Invasion - YouTube: Doctor Who

RoseThe episode where it all began. Well, kind of. This episode marked the return of revival of Doctor Who (2005) after a sixteen-year hiatus of the show.
The Christmas Invasion
The Girl in the Fireplace
The Family of Blood
Silence in the Library - Hello Sweetie! We meet Professor River Song
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End
The End of Time

I am partial to the Tenth Doctor - David Tenant, and could easily list all of the episodes where he is the Doctor.

The Eleventh Hour - This is where we meet 'The Girl Who Waited' and learn that fish fingers and custard are a tasty combination when you have new taste buds!
Vincent and The Doctor - Bill Nighy is in this episode, so you know it's a good one!
The Lodger
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang
The Wedding of River Song
Asylum of the Daleks
The Bells of Saint John

Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix both offer streaming options for catching up on Doctor Who.

If you are new to Doctor Who and you have the time, you may want to go way back in time and watch some of the episodes of the original series.

3. Watch the prologue and trailer for episode 1 of Series 9 or for Series 11, the newest series.

Now, you are prepared to watch the Series premiere of Doctor Who on BBC One or BBC America.

Bonus: Have 'Breakfast with Baker' - get to know the Fourth Doctor, my first Doctor, Tom Baker. BBC America will air some of the Fourth Doctor's best episodes beginning Sunday, September 20th.

Image credit: Doctor Who from BBC Worldwide, trading as BBC Studios

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