August 15, 2016

Blogspace tote bag

I had the pleasure of attending an amazing blogging workshop in Atlanta. The workshop…#blogSPACE, the presenter…Mattie James.

I’ve been following Mattie James of Mattieologie on social for almost two years now. It’s funny because I feel like I’ve known her forever. She’s the type of person who you are instantly cool with, genuine. She tells it like it is with a splash of humor and isn’t afraid to snatch your edges in the process.

I discovered Mattieologie on Instagram and followed her over to Periscope when that platform launched. If you haven’t watched a Mattieologie scope, you are missing out. When I tell you that I get my life every time I get a word from Mattie, I mean it! She’s about that success life.

I’ve attended several Mattieologie webinars and masterclasses, which are always informative and implementable. You CANNOT believe my excitement when Mattie announced that she created a new blogging workshop #blogSPACE, and that she would be delivering it in person. GIRL!! Face to face? You know I registered faster than Simone Manuel swam those 100 meters to win Olympic gold in Rio.
Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel

The 4-hour #blogSPACE workshop is broken down into two parts. The first part addresses Preparation + Process and the second part focuses on Monetization.

There is so much to love about #blogSPACE. The 3 things I loved:

Mattieologie and Kizzy Kingston at blogSPACE Atlanta

* The speaker and content
Mattie James is the real MVP. The information she shares is timely, relevant, and always useful. She can break things down so they are simple to understand and gives it to you in a direct way. Check out some of the things she taught during the workshop that were great takeaways.

·      Respect the Process - The problem is that most people schedule the result instead of the process.
·      Time Management - Learning how to manage time is important. If you don’t know how to manage time, you will never be able to manage money.
·      Get Organized – Planning and preparation will allow you to Slay Your Day!
·      Build Relationships – You've heard of the ABC's of selling; Always Be Closing. Well, Mattie has the ABR's of blogging and content marketing as an influencer. Always Build Relationships. People follow the story, not the store.
·      Stay Ready – Your blog is a running pitch. Position yourself to win. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Mattie provided clarity for reaching my blogging goals. #blogSPACE taught me not only the what but the how to get my blog to a level that facilitates financial profitability (read as gets me coins).

* The Swag
Tote-ally cute! I got a #blogSPACE canvas tote bag that is sure to come in handy on many occasions. If you read my post on 7 Snacks You Can Eat at Bedtime Without Feeling Guilty, you know I love to Graze. We snacked on Nature's Valley granola bars (yum) and my fave water, Fiji. Each participant also received a workshop workbook. The workbook is the perfect place to take notes but also includes worksheets to break down every area of organization, planning, and posting so that you can get PAID.

blogSPACE Atlanta attendees

* Meeting fellow bloggers (Mattie Mafia)
This was one of the best parts of the workshop. Getting to meet people you’ve connected with virtually on the interwebs in person is a great experience. There were so many interesting and talented people in attendance.

When I ran into Tie Simpson of Lotus Souls Yoga (Hippie Heathen on IG) I didn’t recognize her without her signature ‘fro but there was something about her energy that drew me to talk to her. I have started a mission to get my body right (stomach on flat-flat *Drake voice*) and I can’t wait to start my yoga journey with her.

I also met Sebastien "The Gay Bestie" Gaudin at the workshop. He is doing the d*mn thing out in these cute Atlanta streets. It is truly inspirational. He has a blog where he shares his daily #BestieTip, a YouTube vlog channel, and has a Podcast TeaTime with The Gay Bestie. What!?! The hustle is real!

Overall #blogSPACEATL was DOPE! The content was bomb, Mattie’s delivery was authentic and on point, and the atmosphere and other attendees were positive and inspiring. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Want to learn how to diversify your income as a blogger? Check out #blogSPACE.

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