Michael Sam Engaged

January 21, 2015

A photo posted by Michael Sam (@mikeysam52) on

Congratulations are in order for the NFL's first openly gay draft pick and now free agent, Michael Sam. Earlier this month Michael Sam and longtime boyfriend Vito Cammisano were vacationing in Europe when rumors began to surface that the two were engaged. Well, late last week the couple confirmed their engagement via Instagram. Michael Sam posted a picture of the couples engagement (seen above). Apparently, Michael proposed to Vito while down on one knee during a visit to Saint Peters Basilica in Vatican City. Vito said yes and appears to be quite happy, judging by his post to Instagram (below). Vito is all smiles and showing off his new bejeweled engagement ring.

A photo posted by Vito (@vitcamm) on

Well, 2015 will definitely be a memorable one for the couple. I wish them a happy marriage with lots of love and continued smiles.

Do you think Michael Sam was making a statement about religion and same-sex marriage with the location of his engagement? Or was he just attempting to make the moment memorable?

Photo Credit: Instagram

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