Blogger Kizzy Kingston

Hello and welcome to my BLOG.

I'm Kizzy, the voice behind KizzyKingston.com. Kizzy Kingston is an entertainment news, lifestyle, and travel blog. I have always loved be social and traveling and developed a love of movies and television over the years.

I'm passionate about culture, knowledge, travel and style. I'm a bit nerdy by nature so that thrown into the mix, makes for a fun cocktail.

As far back as I can remember, I have had the desire to experience the world around me and learn everything that I can. Now that I am older that desire is stronger than ever. That is what I aim to share with you on KizzyKingston.com. I share information that the everyday lover of life and entertainment (like me) wants to know and inspiration to get you to get out and live your best life beyond your borders - whether they are mental, physical, or geographical.

Life is a gift to be enjoyed so join me while I live it!



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